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WWII Axis: German MP-3008/BD-3008 Submachine Gun

SKU: MRG-3008 $329.00
Replica BD-3008. They say a picture is worth a thousand words.....As SS (General) Aurthur Phleps inspects this weapon, you can almost read his mind.."Der Krieg ist beendet" (The War is Over)..Late in WWII The Germans needed a weapon that was cheap to produce for the Volkstrum. They looked to the cheapest (In every sense of the word) sub-machinegun of WWII, the STEN. Essentially, they copied the STEN Design, built it around MP-40 magazines, and oriented the mag well vertically. Our Replica features All metal stamped steel construction like the original, removable magazine, and a fixed bolt with a visible mainspring. The finish is a phosphate black, like the guns issued, and we will happily weather it for you. This gun will complete your WWII German Sub-machine Collection, or would be a must for your Volkstrum Impression. Another proud RGC Exclusive
Category:WWII Axis Guns