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Browning .50 Caliber M48HB (Turret/COAXIAL Mount M2) Replica

SKU: DOD-M48 $1,779.00
Full Size Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun. This is the M48. This COAX version is mounted in the turrets of our M1 Abrams Tank. Barrel removes for transport, top cover opens, and holds belts of 50 cal ammo (25 round belt included) Parkerized finish. Awesome replica!...Made entirely from 3/16 inch steel plate! This Replica gun is 100% made in the USA. Every nut, every bolt, everything. Expertly welded here in the USA, and of course unable to be converted to live fire. Perfect for Military training. This gun is already in service with the US Military for training purposes. This gun also fits in Pintle and cradle mounts, and is fully customizable for your needs. **NOTE: Cradle not included. It is shown to illustrate fit. MORE INFO ON HOW THESE GUNS ARE MADE CAN BE FOUND ON THE M2HB PAGE.