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Custom M60 ALL METAL INERT Training Weapon "Weighted"

SKU: DOD-M60w $989.00
Full Size, ALL METAL Version of the venerable M60. The M60 was Service GP Machine gun from 1957 to the 1980's and is still in current US Inventory. MUSEUM QUALITY!! AWESOME!! Will fit in any mount, and is Will hold a belt of .308 (100 round belt included) and will make a stellar display either ground or vehicle mounted. Sights adjust, top cover and feed tray open, Charging handle retracts, rear stock rest flips up, bipod opens AND extends. This is just a terrific Replica gun. A crowd pleaser for sure, and….Rambo approved. This replica M60 is weighted (It felt a lot lighter when we were younger!) and will hold a belt of .308/7.62 NATO Ammo. 100 Round Belt Included...You can’t beat the Classics! "Ho Chi Minh Trail" AK-47, Our VN era Colt 1911, M26, and M67 Frag are also available on our Guns of Viet Nam page.