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FRONT FIRE: 9mm Blank Gun: Kimar 1911 WWII Model

SKU: FFB-WWII $176.00
Okedoke, Here we have a Kimar Model 911 (1911) Front Venting Semi-Automatic Blank Gun designed with the WWII Re-enactor in mind. The standard gun is finished in Phosphate Black. We weather the gun ever so slightly which changes the flat black appearance to something that resembles GUN BLUE. Then we replace the smooth wood panels which are all kinds of bad, with Plastic checkered panels, the same pattern that were used on ALL WWII manufactured 1911A1's. Normally swapping plastic for wood isn't an upgrade, but in this case it turns awful into correct. This is only a ZERO dollar upcharge,....We change them from star to slots....Yeah we know, but slot head screws just belong on this gun. This is yet another RGC Exclusive, and further proof we care about our products, and customers needs.