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1911 Replica Pistol: "Slide Over" Colt MK IV Series 70 Stainless/Titanium!

SKU: RGC-MKIV Series 70 $239.00
Yet another RGC Exclusive Colt 1911 Replica in Slide over design. THIS IS A SUPER SPECIAL, SUPER LIMITED EDITION GUN...FULLY ENGRAVED WITH COLT MARKINGS, UN-BLOODY-BELIEVABLE STAINLESS AND TITANIUM FINISH!! GENUINE PACHMYR WOOD AND RUBBER GRIPS. THIS IS THE MOST REALISTIC LOOKING 1911 WE HAVE EVER SEEN....EVER. As with all of our Slide Over guns, These guns feature PERFECT VISUAL DETAILING AND FUNCTION!....Everything works as it should, safeties, hammer, trigger, all in a package that is both perfectly proportioned and detailed. Mags insert, dummy ammo loads into the mag, and the gun can be "Racked" for use in film. A YouTube video demonstrating these guns can be found by searching "RGC Slide Over 1911A1" or by clicking the link on our "YouTube Videos" page. 6 rounds of dummy ammo included. COLT 1911 DISPLAY STAND WITH PLAQUE NOT INCLUDED, BUT AVAILABLE SEPERATELY.