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FRONT FIRE: 9mm Blank Gun: New Model (2024) 1911 POLISHED BARREL

SKU: FFB-5001PDDGC $199.00
Okedoke, this is a model offered to you due to popular demand. For Blank firing 1911's, options are limited. The Most practical version is the Kimar 1911. However, the grips are awful, and the gun just doesn't look "Right"...The lack of a grip safety doesn't help either!, But...We found the perfect grips for these guns, and the end result, along with the BARREL POLISHING, is an EXCELLENT!!, looking and performing 1911. The gun looks modern, and these grips compliment the design like no other. The grips are a polymer wood grain, and they are just the right color. They also have the Rampant Colt Coin grip logo in Gold. These grips look SO GOOD, we're discontinuing the genuine wood Double Diamond without the coin! More variants coming soon. The standard gun has a blued barrel, but if you want a blued barrel, that's available too at no additional cost.