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COBALT BLUE: Heckler and Koch Model 416SD3

SKU: SD-416 $469.00
Same great gun as our other Cobalt Blue 416 models, but in SD3 Format. Full size, weight, all metal of course....Beautiful gun, H&K Style selector markings..This is the Suppressed version with collapsible stock...Unbelievably impressive! ****Editors Note: This gun, along with the super shortie 416, was requested by one of our good customers. When they were finished, the end result was too good not to share. This gun is about the size of an MP5SD3. The Red Dot optics shown are included, but you could always add your own. This gun is stunning, built just like our other Cobalt Blue guns, and THIS is the gun I wish I carried back in the 80's. The size of an MP5, but 5.56mm firepower. This one is just crazy cool!! The suppressor is a Quick Detach, and the barrel adapter for it has a pleasing and similar shape to the Cutts Compensater of the venerable Thompson Model of 1928....Also: Please don't send us letters..The two "T"'s in Cutts isn't a typo... :-) Cheers, and Semper Fi.