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American, M9 Bazooka Replica!

SKU: MRG-M9BAZ $679.00
Replica M9 Bazooka. Beautiful, full Size, correct Lightweight design. This 2 Piece Bazooka was issued to Paratroopers in WWII, and was an improvement over the M1A1 Bazooka in the way of transport convenience. Our Replica uses a hollow steel tube with a 1/8th inch Wall Thickness. The Rear Portion is Wire wrapped for strength as the original, and the original style rocket retention clip is spring loaded. The Sight window is glass, and has the correct simple crosshairs painted on. The sight moves up and down to compensate for elevation, and the range plate is separate, NOT molded in. The Beautiful Bazooka is all steel, Except for the grip panels, and employs the correct attachment system. Sling mounts of course, and when the Bazooka halves snapped into place, they are sturdy and secure....THE TWO HALVES DON'T RATTLE and bang into each other like other replica M9's. Bottom Line: These are Good!
Category:WWII Allied Guns