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American, M3A1 "Greasegun"

SKU: RGC-M3A1 $399.00
Okedoke, here we have a gun often requested, the M3A1 Greasegun!...The American version of the STEN gun, in Service from the 1940's, through Korea, Viet Nam, and was the issue weapon of US ARMY Tankers until 1990. Still in service today by special units around the globe...Our "Slide Over" version is all steel, real steel, really welded clam shell type construction. Ejection Port Dust Cover opens, Bolt is spring loaded, in a closed bolt mode. The Barrel Removes like the original, as well as the original 2 position stock. Stock has original loading tool, cleaning rod, and barrel wrench integral as original as well. Correct Bull's-eye rear peep sight welded to the receiver. The gun is finished in our Parkerizing to match the original. The mag is real BLUED STEEL, removes, and will hold 30 of our dummy .45 ACP Dummy Rounds. several rounds of Dummy ammo included to top off the mag. Correct bale type sling hardpoints welded to the left side of the frame, as original.....A great Replica, available nowhere else.