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SKU: UZI $752.00
This is an ALL STEEL Replica UZI. Working Bolt and trigger, Working Selector lever, ALL STEEL Folding stock that works exactly as the original, Functioning Grip safety, and as a note, like the real one, the Grip safety MUST be engaged to hold the bolt in the rearward position. Removable magazine topped off with three rounds of dummy 9mm, Open Bolt design, correct German Export (DES) markings. The UZI has a long history, and ours have the correct factory markings for the German Armed Forces Export that West Germany used long before the MP-5....You know, I often wonder what the Israelis were thinking when they sent the crates to Deutschland loaded with their guns...Be that as it may, this is a super rare limited edition. it's by far, the best replica UZI I have ever seen. Everything is right, even the weight and the REAL parkerized finish. If all the guns features weren't enough, this gun is also an ALL STEEL Replica. WOW! This gun is expensive, but it's of the highest quality. Only a few lucky people will be able to own this one, and when they're gone, they're gone forever. Personally, we will be very sad to see them go.