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ENVIRO-TEK (case of four gallons)SKU: FS-ENVIRO-TEK 4/1

This is a zero-residue critical surface cleaner for high technology and pharmaceutical environments. The formula provides optimal decontamination results, effectively removing both particulate and filmed contaminants without leaving a residue. ENVIRO-TEK is specifically for use in even the most stringent ISO standard environments. The fast-drying formula eliminates static and aids in the control of damaging electrostatic discharges. ENVIRO-TEK effectively cleans surfaces leaving no contaminating residue behind after wiping dry. Pharmaceutical environments can be maintained to optimal standards by regular use of ENVIRO-TEK. Use ENVIRO-TEK to clean equipment, tools, work surfaces, frameware, enclosures, walls, rigid and flexible partitions, viewing panels and more. ENVIRO-TEK is ready-to-use and safely provides consistent surface cleanliness. For the best results, we suggest you place it in a spray bottle.

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