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Gateway high gloss static dissipative non-conductive floor finish (case of four gallons)SKU: FS-GATEWAY4/1

GATEWAY? is a breakthrough polymer formulation to minimize the possibility of ESD in high-tech environments. GATEWAY? is specifically for use in facilities requiring ultimate static and conductivity control. GATEWAY? enhances ESD control (static decay) properties of ESD flooring materials such Conductile? and Statmate? those produced by (Conductile? and Statemate? are Trademarks of Vinyl Plastic, Inc. (VPI) of Sheboygan, Wisconsin), and as well as Forbo? specialty static control flooring products. (Forbo? is a Trademark of Forbo Corporation, Amsterdam, Holland). AFT Fluoro-Tech? Polymer Technology enables GATEWAY? to provide outstanding durability, heel mark resistance and soil holdout, with excellent slip resistance properties. GATEWAY? can be burnished and never ?powders? during burnishing, vital when maintaining floors in critical environment facilities. GATEWAY? can be applied to any properly prepared hard floor material that is suitable for coating and high-speed maintenance. GATEWAY? will not discolor, even in direct sunlight, greatly extending the stripping interval while providing a consistently high gloss appearance. GATEWAY? creates a beautiful, durable gloss. GATEWAY? Ultra-fast drying technology provides rapid recoating dramatically reduces the recoat interval. GATEWAY? produces a durable, wet look gloss that is easily maintained with performance high-speed burnishing equipment. GATEWAY? is just one product in the ENVIRO SERIES? family of Products for safely creating and maintaining high technology facilities and controlled environments.

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