Great War at Sea: Remember the Maine (second edition)

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When the American battleship Maine exploded in Havana's harbor, U.S. president William McKinley demanded that Spain withdraw from Cuba and ordered the U.S. Navy to blockade the Caribbean island. Spain declared war two days later, sending an ill-equipped fleet to the Caribbean to back up its four-centuries-old claim.

The fighting lasted less than four months, with Spain suffering a smashing defeat. It would take three-quarters of a century for Spanish democracy and constitutionalism to recover from the “Disaster of ’98.” The United States, meanwhile, had entered the world stage as a Great Power, completely changing the outlook of Americans both at home and abroad.

The Second Edition presents a completely new set of series rules (the Second Edition) and a completely new set of scenarios to go with them, in four chapters covering the naval war of 1898 as it happened, the war as it might have happened with Spanish reinforcements sent to the Philippines instead, the war as it might have occurred with the ships both sides hoped to build or purchase, and finally the war as it might have happened a few years later.

Remember the Maine is a complete game in the Great War at Sea game series, based on the Spanish-American naval war in the Caribbean Sea. You get 32 scenarios, and everything you need to play, except dice, is right there in the package: a 34x22-inch map of the central Caribbean basin, a 24 x 24-inch tactical map, 100 "long" double-sized ship pieces and 80 standard-sized pieces, all of them die-cut and silky-smooth.