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Infantry Attacks: Fall of Empires
Infantry Attacks: August 1914
Infantry Attacks: Franz Josef's Armies
Infantry Attacks: Winter's Battle
Infantry Attacks: Black Mountain
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Infantry Attacks brings the battlefields of the Great War to your game table, at the tactical scale: infantry companies, cavalry squadrons and artillery batteries. The rules are as closely-related to Panzer Grenadier’s Fourth Edition as we could make them, so if you already know how to play Panzer Grenadier, you’re most of the way there.

If you don’t, it’s not hard. Infantry Attacks is built around pretty simple concepts: you need leaders to activate your troops and move them closer to the enemy, They can fight them with fire (rifles and machine guns), in assault (close combat with rifles and machine guns) and Cold Steel (really close combat with bayonets and fighting knives). The side with better leadership and organization has a very great advantage.

Cavalry can charge, or it can dismount and fight on foot. Artillery shows up as field guns, right there on the map to lend direct-fire support, or as batteries held off the board that have great firepower, but not a lot of flexibility. Infantry is the queen of battle; you’re most likely to take and hold your objectives with your foot soldiers.

Infantry Attacks has been very popular since we brought it back into circulation late last year. The two games are all about the Eastern Front in 1914: August 1914 is based on the Battle of Tannenberg in East Prussia between the Germans and the Russians. Fall of Empires is about the twin battles of Kraśnik and Komarów between the Austro-Hungarians and the Russians.

We like to make games about history, and to weave the history of the battles into the games. Each game has 40 scenarios, and those scenarios are part of the narrative, so you can play along with the story as it unfolds, and see how well you’re doing in the broader picture with “battle games” that link the scenarios together. You don’t just passively read the story; you help tell it.

Be part of the story.
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