Panzer Grenadier: Dragon's Teeth

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On 11 September 1944, a patrol from the U.S. 5th Armored Division crossed the German border, beginning a campaign that would last three and a half months and cost over 140,000 casualties as the Americans tried to break through the Siegfried Line defenses, known to the Germans as the West Wall.

Dragon’s Teeth is a complete Panzer Grenadier game based on these epic battles, as America took the fight into Nazi territory. German resistance had crumbled during the long retreat across France, but it now grew much more resolute on German soil, while the Americans had gained combat experience and sought to end the war.

Dragon’s Teeth includes 495 die-cut playing pieces, most of which originally appeared in our long out-of-print Battle of the Bulge game. There are also four heavy cardstock maps, and 42 new scenarios organized in our popular story-arc format with historical background to put the scenarios in their context and battle games to tie them together.

Dragon’s Teeth comes in our Playbook format: everything you need to play, except dice, inside a book.