Panzer Grenadier: Dishonor Before Death

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By the last years of the Second World War, the Waffen (Armed) SS had taken on a front-line combat role. Though not the elite units claimed by Nazi propagandists, these formations had priority for new weapons and manpower, giving them considerable fighting power.

Dishonor Before Death is a Panzer Grenadier expansion book, with 30 new scenarios by Mike Perryman, depicting the battles of Waffen SS divisions during the 1944 campaign in France against American and British forces. There are also 165 die-cut playing pieces depicting all of the SS playing pieces found in our Elsenborn Ridge and Fire & Sword games with a black background.

Dishonor Before Death is not a complete game: you’ll need Invasion 1944 and Elsenborn Ridge to enjoy all of the scenarios.

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