Panzer Grenadier. Kursk: Burning Tigers (Playbook)

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In June 1943, Germany tossed the dice on a massive armored offensive on the Eastern Front. Led by nine newly re-equipped panzer divisions and two panzer grenadier divisions, the northern wing alone of this two-pronged offensive mustered just under a thousand tanks and assault guns. They would be met by the 41 rifle divisions of the Red Army’s Central Front, backed by four tank corps.

Kursk: Burning Tigers tells the story of the northern half of the Battle of Kursk (its sister game, Kursk: South Flank, tells the story of the . . . south flank). You get 40 scenarios, broken into eight chapters, with 11 battle games to tie the scenarios together (that lets you play a string of scenarios in one combined game – you don’t have to play it this way, but it’s more fun).

Kursk: Burning Tigers comes with four semi-rigid mapboards, plus 517 die-cut and silky-smooth playing pieces. New weapons like Panther tanks, Ferdinand tank destroyers, Goliath explosive tanks on one side, and masses of the excellent T-34 medium tank, plus Lend-Lease Churchill tanks, T-70 light tanks and much more on the other.

Kursk: Burning Tigers and Kursk: South Flank are the reason you play wargames, and the reason we designed the Panzer Grenadier game system. Intense tank battles, with the world’s future at stake. You don’t want to miss this.