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Welcome to RJR's Prop Money Buying Page!

Our money has been on TV, Film, Music Video and Commercials! Fast & Furious, Baby Driver, Logan Lucky, Ozark, MacGyver, 24 Legacy, Atlanta, Carbanaro Effect, Survivor's Remorse, Wolf of Wall Street, and more. It has been used by Young Dolph, Fifty Cent, Kendrick Lamar and many more.

RJR Props - Prop Money



  • We sell prop money by the stack. Each stack has 100 bills. We sell: $1, $5, 10, 20, 50, 100
  • STANDARD-GRADE: Is our 2-sided money.  It looks real, as close up as 18"  That's close!
  •       $45/stack
  •       $39/stack if you get 5 stacks or more
  •       CALL us for large QTY discounts (50 stacks or more),
  •       CALL us for discounts if you are a TV show or Feature Film
  • HIGH-GRADE: Is our close-up money. Looks real as close as 12" away!  
  •       $45/stack
  •       CALL us for large QTY discount if youre getting 50 stacks or more
  •       CALL us for discounts if you're working on a TV show or Feature Film
  •       It's 1-sided. It would not be legal if we made it look real money on both sides.
  •       Pls don't ask for 2-sided High-Grade. It's illegal to have realistic 2-sided.  It's considered counterfeit. 
  •       RJR's money is legal. We carefully try to follow all laws. Don't take chances! Our money is legal.
  •       Others folk sell ILLEGAL money. It can shut down a production, fine you, send you to jail. Not worth it.
  • FILLER STACKS: Filler stacks are cheap. They have blank paper inside. Only 1 bill on top, and 1 on the bottom. 
  •       Ideal if you want low-cost piles of money. But you can't break them open. Its blank inside
  •       $12/stack
  • BONUS! : Our Standard Grade Prop money is water resistant! It looks great, you can use it over & over!
  • LEGAL: We try to carefully follow all laws & regulations to provide the very best Prop Money available for you!
  •             Prop money is intended only for Film, Television, Music Video, Theatre & Entertainment.
  •             It is NOT intended for any other use. Do NOT use it for crime. Using it for a crime is ILLEGAL. 
  • PAYMENT: We use Paypal to process any credit card or Debit Card. You don't need a Paypal account.
  • Your "ship to" & billing address needs to be the same or Paypal will not process the order for security reasons
  • We ship USPS Priorty Mail. It should arrive in 2-3 days.
  • No International orders: Customs does not allow international. If you order it, we will cancel it & refund
  • FILM PRODUCTIONS: Call for qty discounts / rentals: (404) 349-7600 or email: [email protected]

       Need more help? Have questions? Call us at (404) 349-7600. Thanks!

Shop by Category

$100 Bills: $10K High-Grade Close Up Money (1-sided), NEW-Style: blue-stripe, FULL-Print

SKU: $45.00
$10K stack of New Style $100 bills with blue stripe. These look incredible. There are 100 bills in a stack, $100 denomination. Looks VERY realistic, like real money. Please keep in mind it would illegal if we printed real-looking money on both sides (it's considered counterfeit). We print on 1 side, and WE MAKE IT LOOK LIKE A REAL STACK: We put 99 fronts on the top, and 1 back on the bottom of the stack. That way it looks real, even if you flip it over. It's perfect for counting money, and for close ups. You can spread it all over a table, or couch or floor. This is the most realistic legal prop money in the USA. Perfect for close-ups, counting, briefcase or duffel bag. This is the same money used in many TV shows and Movies. It is also used by many artists in Music Videos. Note: If you want to make it "rain" this is not the right money to get because it's only printed on one side. If you need to make it rain, get our 2 sided standard grade. It looks perfect for rain scenes.
Category:Prop Money