Open Gate Farm FL 14626 West Hwy 318 Williston Fl 32696
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Please book your room as soon you are accepted into the program.  We fill our rooms quickly 

NOTE:  If you are attending a course with multiple sessions (Acupuncture, Tui-Na, IVMI), a one night deposit, holds your room for all two or three sessions.   Make sure you put Class name, dates, and any dietary needs in "comment box" prior to check out. 

                   CURRENT ROOM AVAILABILITY: As of Sept 17, 2019

Fall 2019 Acupuncture 4 days per session- ( Oct, Dec):  Two Rooms available for October and December session

IVMI Equine Rehab and Performance 5 days per session ( Oct 31-Nov 3 2019): rooms available

Worldwide Equine Osteopath Conference at Chi (Oct11-13) Availability

Tui-Na 3 days(Oct 17-19):  rooms available

Integrative Appr to Vet Oncology (Dec 7-8 2019): rooms available

Advanced Equine Acupuncture (Jan 16-18 2020 ) 2020: rooms available

Advanced Equine IVMI (Jan 18,19 2020): rooms available

Advanced Small Animal Acupuncture (Jan 22-25 2020): rooms available

Spring 2020 Acupuncture-all 3 sessions (Feb,Apr,June):rooms available

Vet Medical Manipulation (Feb,Apr,July 2020): rooms available

Advanced Tui-na (Mar 5-7 2020): rooms available

Food Therapy(March 19-22 2020): rooms available

Vet Topograpy (May 8-10 2020): rooms available

Adv Certified Rehab and Performance Med(May 14-17 and Sept 17-20 2020): rooms available

Please Note that we cannot host pets under any circumstances

                       OPEN GATE FARM COFFEE ROASTERS

Great Coffee is a passion here at the Open Gate Farm FL. There is no comparison to fresh roasted coffee to order and being delivered within days after its roasting to your front door. We roast only 100% Arabica beans in small batches featuring an array of single estate, coop and blends created here from around the world. The roasting will occur within 24 hours after the order is placed then shipped to you the next day for an experience of freshness and taste you can't get from a supermarket or chain coffee shop.

It also goes without saying that our guests experience a great cup of just roasted coffee every morning during their stay!! Enjoy any of our blends or single estate/regional coop coffees for only $11.00 per pound.

When ordering coffee TYPE:  WHOLE BEAN OR GROUND in comments section. We ship USPS Priority Mail 2 Day Service to ensure freshness

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CHI Student Room Rates

Standard and Queen Bedroom rates
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CHI Student Guest Dinner

CHI Student Guest Dinner

3 Course Home Cooked Dinners $15.00 per Dinner
CHI Student Standard Bedroom Per Night

CHI Student Standard Bedroom Per Night

Standard Full size Private Room CHI student rate deposit
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