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Blending Brush - From its root word, "blend" and it's also the cardinal rule of applying make up... We use this brush to blend our eye shadows to avoid harsh edges and so we can easily and greatly achieve that smokey eye look we're going for with our shadow. Angled Eye shadow Brush - I guess this one's for shading your eye sockets or blending out your shadow on your crease or building the color up. Angled Concealer Brush - This seems like a small stippling brush. I believe this is great for applying concealer on problem areas for precision. This also seems like a great brush to use on applying cream or liquid highlighters. Eye shadow Sculpt Brush/ Crease Brush - This has got to be my favorite brush from this precision set. Eye shadow pigments will easily be applied with this brush, especially on your crease to achieve that deeply hollowed eye effect. Flat shadow Brush - It seems that this brush would be efficient on applying shadow pigments on your lids. Tapered Kabuki Brush - This brush is fit for applying from cream to liquid foundations, it is able to cover hard to reach areas and contour of your face. This is also the most dense brush they have in these set. I am so in love! Round Kabuki Brush - With its wide rounded bristles, this one's great for applying loose powders, mineral make up, bronze and/or highlights. Round Angled Kabuki Brush - Great for applying definitions on your face, from Bronzer, Blush and Highlighter! Flat and Angled Kabuki Brush - I'd use this specifically for Contouring. Flat Top Kabuki Brush - This brush is the ultimate one for Buffing, and Blending products from cream to liquid.