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Roll On limited edition-Holy Oils

SKU: 625 $19.99
FRANKINCENSE has a centering quality on the emotional body, allowing one to calm & center oneself. It is also used to alleviate stress, anxiety and insomnia. Frankincense has historically been used in so many religions and ceremonies, from the Babylonians using it in their religious rites to it being offered as a gift to the baby Jesus. MYRRH - dates back about 4000 years when first used by the Egyptians in religious ceremonies. The therapeudic properties of Myrrh have been mentioned in the Quran as well as old and new testament. It was also a gift given at Jesus birth. SPIKENARD, one of the most precious oils of ancient times, and was the ointment Mary Magdeline used to anoint the feet of Jesus. Spikenard, mystical and sacred helps your soul find inner balance. All three of these oils has traditionally been used for years in prayers, meditation & spiritual growth.