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1.2.5050 Oxy 3 Oxygen Analyzer -- Residual Oxygen Analyzer (accessories included)

SKU: 1.2.5050 $4,445.31
TECHNICAL DATA: Measuring range: 5ppm - 21% O2 Ambient temperature: 0 - 45° Celsius Measuring accuracy: +/- 0.3mV (EMK Sensor) Stabilisation time: 10 - 14min. Response time: approx. 2 seconds for changes Dimensions (HxWxL): (190mm x 270mm x 55mm Mains voltage: Multi-range 90 - 260VAC Heating cycle load: approx. 40VA Standard load: approx. 20VA ADDITIONAL FEATURES: -SD Card interface for storing documentation -Graphic display of measured values -User adjustable alarm limits and thresholds -Color display for figures outside set-point values -Audible key tones and alarms -Software updates possible -Multi-language -Bluetooth compatible PACKAGE INCLUDES: -Oxygen analyzer -Power cable -Hors set, 3m incl. filter and stainless steel probe -Calibration certificate -Simple plastic case
Category:Oxygen Analysers