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1.2.4503 ORS 115 -- Orbital Cutting Saw 230V (Tube size Range 5 - 120mm / 0.196 - 4.724")

SKU: 1.2.4503 $5,375.00
-Portable lightweight unit -Flash-free square cut -2 cast aluminum clamping jaws -Multiple clamping points on the tube OD provide deformation-free clamping -For cutting thin-walled tubes and elbows -Saw blade located close to the clamps to provide an optimal cut even with small tube diameters -Blade position indicator -Precise scale to enable correct cutting depth Technical Data: Size range: OD 5 - 120mm | 0.196 - 4.724" Wall thickness: 0.5 - 5mm Electric drive: Single-phase AC motor Main voltage (input): 220/230VAC (50/60Hz) Power: 1100W/5.1A Protection class: II Built-in electronic variable cutting speed: 20-360RPM Weight: 30kg Package Includes: -Orbital saw and drive unit -1 saw blade -Tool wallet and tools -1 bottle of lubricant oil -Transportation box with inlay (600x800x600mm)