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3M Littmann 3000 Electronic Stethoscope

SKU: 12-300-020 $299.90
One-button, one-finger operation of both the volume and frequency mode.

-Amplification and ambient noise reduction technology that cancels an average of 75% of distracting room noise
-Up to 18X the amplification of non-electronic Littmann stethoscopes
-Programmable volume settings with patent pending low friction diaphragm surface
-Auto shut-off after 3 minutes
-Single AAA battery provides up to 200 hours of use
-Nonchill diaphragm for patient comfort, and easy one-hand manipulation
-Snap tight soft-sealing eartips for comfortable fit
-Traditional cardiology tube set allows scope to easily fold and be placed in pocket
-Versatile chestpiece can accommodate infant, pediatric and adult patients
-Length is 29"
-Two-year warranty
-Choose from 5 colors