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The Belly Flat Handbook




Do you diet & exercise and still have BellyFat? Is the problem getting worse as you get older? Change the way you battle Belly Fat. Also, shrink Fat Cells & Beat the Bloat. Bump off Belly Fat with an all-around attack!


For two decades, Barbara Hoffman of Better Health Naturally has responded to countless inquiries and laments from viewers , readers, and customers who are concerned about Weight Gain & Belly Fat. Barbara has written this book to help you understand the hormonal component of Belly Fat & Weight Loss. Did you know? It is important to have Estrogen, Progesterone, DHEA, Insulin, Cortisol & Melatonin balanced in order to: STOP FAT STORAGE & BELLY FAT!

“Hi Barbara. I’m a long time customer and I finally decided to order the progesterone creams for myself and hubby because even with mindful eating, chicken breast, salads, working out....our bellies are bloated and getting bigger. UGH! (I’ve been reading Belly Flat). Your book is so easy to read and understand. The graphics are simple and helps me to GET IT! I love how you identify the symptoms and how to fix it with bio identical hormones or foods. So informative and helpful for this 57 year old. We have made some life style changes in our daily eating routine which I believe is helping sooo much thanks to what I’ve learned in how our bodies work (or don’t work) when we age. He’s 60 and I’m 57.” -S.W., New York (March, 2021)

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