Super C Plus Serum


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VITAMIN C boosts collagen, prevents premature aging and wrinkling, evens skin tone, and reduces dark spots.
VITAMIN E has anti-inflammatory properties and prevents skin aging.

This enhanced delivery system allows powerful antioxidants to penetrate deep into the skin and promote a hydrated, youthful glowing appearance. To further intensify its antioxidant activity, this formula also contains green tea extract, white tea extract, grapeseed extract, vitamin A, cranberry extract, bilberry extract, pomegranate extract, willow bark extract, and lupin extract-- all known antioxidants.

After cleansing, apply to skin in a slow upward motion twice daily.

"If ever you wanted to see the difference, start using it now, the result will speak for itself. Soft, moisturised , less lines!"- R.P.

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