Joint Bursts (30 Soft Chews)



  • Collagen Type 2 is the main structural protein of joint catilage and is what provides strength and cushioning in joints.
  • Hyaluronic is the primamry component of synovial fluid which lubricates the joints.
  • Turmeric is shown to promote healthy inflammatory.

    Collagen Type II
  • Improves overall joint health
  • Provides strength, cushioning to joints, and supports connective and joint tissue
  • Supports back, jaw, knees for overall joint health

    Hyaluronic Acid
  • Lubricates the joints and provides cushion that minimizes wear and tear
  • Acts as a shock absorber & promotes elasticity

  • Promotes a healthy inflammatory response within the joints. Testimonial: I have had rheumatoid arthritis for much of my life, and the Joint Bursts keep my joints more limber, and reduce stiffness and swelling.- Lynda Take 1 chew per day
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