4. Mandarin Orange Toilet Paper Cover

SKU: $90.00
Is the toilet paper roll covered in your bathroom? Did you know that every time a toilet is flushed a small amount of fecal material from the toilet becomes airborne? These moisture droplets are very small, but contain many different bacteria including Covid 19 and E. Coli. These virus and bacgeria droplets actually travel several feet virtually covering all of the bathroom surfaces. Unfortunately, unlike the rest of the bathroom, the toilet paper roll cannot be washed or disinfected. Without a toilet paper cover, the toilet paper roll is exposed to the viruses and bacteria in the bathroom because the roll is uncovered. The solution is a decorative toilet paper cover that adds to the design narrative of the bathroom décor while helping to keep the toilet paper roll clean. And yes, the toilet paper roll is always accessible. The dimensions of the cover are 8” x 6” x 6”. The cover fits over any standard toilet paper holder and roll. It is lightweight, weighing less than 12 ounces, and easy to keep clean with soap and water. Available in eight different colors including Azure Blue, Mandarin Orange,Sapphire Blue, Lime Zest, Raspberry Red, Blush Pink, Electric Blue, And Violet Heather. The Toilet Paper Covers Were Awarded Product of the Year By Women’s Day Magazine. What Are You Waiting For? Go Ahead And Cover Those Toilet Paper Rolls With…Just A Cover.

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