The FW-190 tiled PDF plans

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The Tiled version of the FW-190 requires three sheets of Adams Ready Board from Dollar Tree, one sheet of poster board, Owens 1” pink insulation board, and moderate building skills. It comes with a 18 page instruction Manuel, printable color canopy which can be laminated to represent a real glass canopy , and full color decal sheet. It requires a 950 to 1100Kv motor, a 1300 mAh or 2200 mAh 3S Lypo, an 8 X6 to 11 X4 Prop, and a 30 Amp ESC. Requires a 4 Channel control system. These Plans are in Tiled PDF format which you can print out on your printer at home. It has a 44” wing span. Is 29.5” long.
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