Eau De Parfum - 2.5 oz Womens Designer Scents

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Women's EDP Scent List

EDP List

Women's Designer Scent List EDP:


1 Le Bateleur Type

24 Faubourg Type

Acai Berry & Magnolia Type

Acqua Fiorentina Type

Addict Dior Type

Addison Type

African Musk*

Alien Sunessence Type

Alien Type

All About Eve Type

Allure Sensuelle Type

Allure Type

Aloha Tiare Type

Always Yours RL Type

Amazing Grace Type

Amber Absolute TF Type*

Amber Absolute Type

Ambra Del Nepal Profumi Forenz Type

Ambre Russe Type*

Amour De Cacao Type

Angel Le Rose Type

Angel TM Type

Apple Jack & Peel Burke Type

Apple Mango Tango Type

Armani Black Carat Type

Armani Code for Women Type

Aroma Tonic Type

Aromatics Elixir Type

Arrogance Mix Lime Zucchero Type

Baby Bee Buttermilk Type

Baby Grace Type

Baby Powder

Bamboo Sugar Cane BBW Type

BCBGirls Metro Type

BCBGirls Sexy Type

Be Delicious Type

Beach by Bobbi Brown Type

Beautiful Type

Belle D'Opium Type

Bergamot & White Tea Type

Bergamot Citrus Type

Berries & Bulgarian Rose Type

Birch & Black Pepper*

Black Amber & Lavender

Black Ginger & Bamboo

Black Opium Type

Black Orchid Type

Black Vetyver Cafe Jo Malone Type*

Blackberry & Bay Jo Malone Type*

Blood Orange Patchouli *

Blue Agava & Cacao Type

Blue for Women RL Type

Bob Mackie Type

Body by Victoria Type

Bombshell Summer Type

Bombshell Type

Bon Bon Type

Bond Central Park West Type*

Bond Fire Island Type*

Born in Paradise Escada Type

Bourbon Vanilla*

Bright Crystal Type

Bronze Goddess Type

Brooklyn Bond Type*

Burberry Touch Type

Burmese Wood Trapp Type*

Buttercream Vanilla

By Type

Cabernet & Neroli

Cafe Rose Tom Ford Type

Calamus Comme De Garcons Type*

Calyx Prescriptives Type

Cannabis Rose Fresh Type

Caramel Velvet crème Burke Type

Caribbean Coconut

Carnal Flower Type

Cashmere Mist Liquid Nude Type

Cerutti 1881 Type

Chance Chanel Type

Chance Eau Fraiche Type

Chance Eau Tendre Type

Chance Eau Vive Type

Chanel Coco Noir Type

Chanel Coco Noir Type

Chanel Cristalle Type

Chanel No. 5 Type

Chelsea Flowers Type

Chemistry Clinique Type

Chemistry Clinique Type

Chergui Serge Lutens Type

Cherry in the Air Type

Cherry Tobacco*

Chinatown Type

Chloe Type

Chocolate Amber Type

Clinique Happy Type

Coco Chanel Type

Coco Mademoiselle Type

Coconut Passion VS Type

Coolwater for Women Type

Cotton Candy

Creamy Vanilla Nutmeg

D'Lish Clean Type

D&G Pour Femme Intense Type

Daffodil Fields

Dahlia Divin Type

Daisy Dream Type

Dark Amber & Ginger Lily Jo Malone Type

Decadence Marc Jacobs Type

Delicious Juicy Berry Type

Diptyque Baies Type

Dolce & Gabbana for Women Type

Dolce Vita Type

Dreams Unlimited Type

Dreamy Vanilla VS Type

Earl Grey & Cucumber Jo Malone Type*

Eat it Raw Type

Eau De Cartier Essence D'Orange Type

Eau De New York Type*

Egyptian Amber*

Egyptian Baby Powder

Egyptian Musk*

Eros Pour Femme Type

Eternal Oud Kilian Type

Eternity for Women Type

Eternity Now Type

Euphoria Type

Exotic Grapefruit & Sea Salt

Fancy Nights Jessica Simpson Type

Feminite Du Bois Type

Fidgi Type

Fig Abricot Type*

Floral Drops Type

Flower Child

Flower Oriental Kenzo Type

Forever Red BBW Type

Forever Red Type

French Lime Blossom Type

French Vanilla Oak*

Gain Island Fresh Type

Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific Type

Ginger Essence Origins Type

Ginger Orange BBW Type

Giorgio Ocean Dream Type

Glam Jasmine Type

Gorgeous Gardenia Type

Gucci Bamboo Type

Gucci Guilty Intense Type

Gucci Guilty Type

Gucci Premiere Type

Guilty Black Type

Hanae Mori Type

Happy Heart Type

Hawaiian Tropic Type

Heaven Gap Type

Heavenly VS Type

Hermes Eau Des Mervellies Type

Honeysuckle Jasmine Jo Malone Type*

Honolulu Sun Type

Hypnotic Poison Type

I Love New York Type

Ibiza Hippie Type

Illicit Type

Immortelle Tribal Type*

Imperial Tea Kilian Type

Incredible Me Type

Infusion de Vetiver Type

Inner Grace Type

Innocent Angel Type

Intense Pour Femme Type

Island Hawaii Type

Italian Cypress Type

J'Adore Type

Jaipur Type

Jasmin Rouge Type

Jean Paul Gaultier Type

Jergen's Lotion Scent

Jimmy Choo Exotic Type

Jimmy Choo Love Type

Jimmy Choo Type

Joyful by Escada Type

Kai Type

Karma Sutra Sexy as Sin Type*

Kashmir Archipelago Type

Kilian Love Type

Knowing EL Type

Kors Midnight Shimmer Type

L'de Lolita Lempicka Type

L'Occitaine Amber Patchouli Type

L'Occitaine Cedre & Oranger Type

L'Occitaine Honey Propolis Type

L'Occitaine Magnolia & Mure Type

L'Occitaine The Vert Type

La Vie Est Belle Type

Lacoste Femme Type

Lady Million Type

Lancome Miracle Type

Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Type

Lavender Chamomile

Lavender Lemon Yankee Type

Lavender Martini Demeter Type

Lavender Palm Type*

Lavender Sandalwood

Les Exclusifs De Chanel No. 18 Type

Let Them Eat Cake Type

Lilac in Bloom

Lime Basil Mandarin Type

Liquid Cashmere Black Type

Love in Black Type

Love in White Type

Love Me More VS Type

Love RL Type

Love Spell Type

Lovestruck Type

Madagascar Vanilla*

Magical Moon Type

Magie Noire Lancome Type

Magnetism Type

Magnifique Type


Manifesto Isabella Roseline Type

Marc Jacobs Honey Type

Matin Calin Type*

Maybe Baby Type

Mediterranean Type

Miami Glow Type

Michael Kors White

Midnight Romance Type

Mimoss & Cardamom Jo malone Type

Modern Muse Type

Molton Brown Pink Pepperpod Type

Moon Sparkle Type

Musk Oud Kilian Type*

Musk Pure Type

Must De Gold Type

Nantucket Briar Type

Narciso Rodriguez Type

Nashi Blossom Jo Malone Type

Nectarine Blossom & Honey Jo Malone Type

Neroli Portofino Acqua Type

Neroli Portofino Type

New Haarlem Type*

New York Amber Type*

New York Patchouli Type

New York Sandalwood Type*

Noir Tease Type

Noir Tease Type

O de L'Orangerie Type

Oatmeal Milk & Honey

Obsession for Her Type

Obsession Night Type

Oh Lola Type

Omnia Indian Garnet Type

Opium Type

Orange Blossom Jo Malone Type

Orchid Soleil Type

Organix Coconut Milk Type

Oud Fleur Type*

Paris YSL Type


Pear Glace VS Type

Peony & Moss Jo Malone Type

Peony Blush Jo Malone Type

Peppermint Rose

Peppermint Sticks

Petite Cherie Type

Pink All my Heart Type

Pink Fruity Bright VS Type

Pink Jasmine Fresh Type

Pink Mimosa Votivo Type

Pink Sugar Type

Pink Vanilla Kiss VS Type

Polo Sport (Women) Type

Pomegranate Noir Jo Malone Type*

Poppy Coach Blossom Type

Poppy Coach Type

Prada Type

Premier Jour Type

Princess Type

Private Collection Type

Prophecy Type

Pure DKNY Type

Pure Grace Type

Ralph Cool Type

Ralph Wild Type

Rebelle Type

Red Currant & Cream Type

Red Jeans Type

Red Musk Body Shop Type

Red Roses Jo Malone Type

Red Velvet Cake Philosophy Type

Rive Gauche for Women Type

Romance Type

Romantic Wish Type

Rosa E Fiore Type

Rose 31 Le Labo Type*

Rose Cognac Sugar

Rose the One Type

Rose Water & Vanilla Jo Malone Type

Rose Water & Vanilla Jo Malone Type

Rosemary Mint

Rosemary Mint

Sahara Noir Type

Salty Mariner*

Samsara Guerlain Type

Sandalwood Amber*

Scent of Peace Type*

Sea Salt & Cocoa Bean*

Sensuous Type

Serendipitous Serendipity 3 Type

Sexy Amber Type

Sexy Little Things Noir Type

Sexy Little Things VS Type

Sexy Sandalwood*

Sexy Sunset Type

Shalimar Type

Shampure Type*

Shedonism Origins Type

Si by Armani Type

Signature Beckham Type for Women

Silk Blossom Type

Smoky Poppy Type

Sparkling Limoncello BBW Type

Spellbound Type

Spirituese Double Vanille Type

Splendid Wood YSL Type*

Stormy Nights Yankee Type

Sugar Blossom Type

Sugar Chick Type

Sugar Lemon Fresh Type

Sugared Shortbread BBW Type

Sun & Sand Type

Sun Di Gioia Type

Sun Moon Stars Type

Sunset by the Pool Type

Sunset Heat Type

Supermodel VS Type

Sweet Bay Rose

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin BBW Type

Sweet on Paris BBW Type

Taj Sunset Type

Tam Dao Type*

Tendre Poison Type

The One D&G Type

Tiffany Type

Tihota by Indult Type

Tobacco & Bay Leaf*

Tobacco Caramel Fresh Type*

Tobacco Flower Body Shop Type

Tobacco Nuit Type*

Tobacco Oud Type*

Tobacco Vanille Type*

Too Too Pretty Type

Tresor Lancome Type

Tropical Punch Escada Type

Tuscan Blood Orange Type

Tuscany Per Donna Type

Un Bois Vanille Type

Vaniglia Del Madagascar Type

Vanilla Noir BBW Type

Vanilla Patchouli

Vanilla, Bourbon, & Mandarin Type*

Vanille & Narcisse Type

Vanille Abricot Type

Vanille Banana Comptoir Type

Vanille Coco Type

Velvet Exotic Leather Type*

Velvet Orchid Type

Velvet Patchouli D & G Type*

Vera Wang Type

Very Hollywood Type

Very Sexy VS Type

Viva La Juicy Gold Type

Viva La Juicy Type

Volcano Capri Type

Walk on Air Type

Wallstreet Bond Type*

Warm Vanilla Sugar Type

While Orchid & White Tea

White Diamonds Type

White Flower Creed Type

White Jasmine Mint Jo Malone Type

White Patchouli Type

White Plum Henri Bendel Type

Wild Bluebell Jo Malone Type

Wild Fig Cassis Type Jo Malone*

Wood Coffee Comme Garcons Type*

Wood Sage & Sea Salt Jo Malone Type

Woods & Earth *

Yellow Diamond Type

Yellow Jeans Type

Ysatis Type





not a direct copy, so the scent is not to be expected to be an exact duplication.

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