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Aloe Ferox Bitter Extract

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Aloe Ferox Bitter Extract is an exceptional remedy for constipation and IBS related bowel concerns. It is safe for long-term use without becoming addictive. Small amounts (1/8 teaspoon daily) Bitter Extract is all that is needed to move the bowels of people who have been constipated for years! Bitter Extract can also be used to resolve long-term loose bowel. Bitter Extract can be taken together with Aloe Ferox Leaf Powder for extra liver and gallbladder support. Leaf Powder provides vitamins, amino acids, minerals, fatty acids and immune support compounds. Bitter Extract and Leaf Powder can be made as a tea or added to coffee, smoothies, etc. Use our Aloe Ferox Whole Leaf Capsules if you can't handle the extreme bitter taste.

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