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7 Generations of Maple Tradition:

  New Grade                               Old Grade

New Grade Names Look below to explain the changes:

Maple Facts:

  • All Grades of syrup are boiled to the same density.  Simply put, darker syrup has more impurities/minerals bonded to the sugar crystals usually in the form of sugar sand from the sap.  Lots of people think Darker syrup is cooked more and this is not true.
  • All Retail Maple Syrup is now called Grade A
  • Golden Delicate Taste is the new name for the former Fancy.
  • Amber Rich Taste is the new name for the former Medium Amber.  Also the lighter half of the Dark Amber is part of this grade.
  • Dark Robust Taste is the new name for the darker half of the former Dark Amber.  Also the former Grade B is part of this grade.
  • Very Dark Strong Taste is anything darker than the old Grade B that does not have an off flavor.

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