447112 - Quilt of Many Colors - Double-Queen and King

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The Quilt Of Many Colors utilizes new techniques created by Ruth. One of these techniques is the use of the Perfect Corner Ruler(TM), which overcomes the problems that quilters usually encounter with corners on blocks: not the right size, won't lay flat, the cut corners of fabric pulls into the sewing machine, points that don't come out correctly, blocks that are not the right size, flying geese that are not straight, is the extent of the feedback we have gotten thus far.

The Quilt Of Many Colors has 12 blocks that measure 17 1/2". Each block is pieced with a white Kona background and two shades of Maywood?s Shadowplay (Marble-like) in 12 different colors: Royal Blue, Pink, Aqua, Purple, Gold, Red/Burgundy, Dark Blue, Gray, Lavender, Orange, Yellow & Green. You choose the color of the block you want!

This is also being offered as a Block Of the Month and a book.

This is different than her Blocks Of Many Color quilts in the those had the same block with fabric arranged differently in each of the 12 created blocks. The Quilt of Many Colors has different blocks and a different color for each block.