430129 - Zigzaggedness - 96 in. x 72 in. -Twin Size

SKU: RGR129 $9.00
Saves 1 yard of fabric!

This fun quilt can play tricks on your eyes. Is it latticework, streamers, chain link, diamonds, bed springs?

You can applique vines and flowers into the latticework! You can even have a memory quilt with 8 1/5" x 11" pictures on point!

WOW! What a quilt! What possibilities!

And you can do so much with color ways! School colors! Room colors!

This unique pattern shows both the "Perfect Corner Method" and the Perfect Corner Ruler as well as the legacy "Sew & Flip" method. Do it either way! But you will save a whopping 1 yard of fabric using the Perfect Corner Ruler and the corners will be perfect!