676P23 - Valentine Candy - 4 in. X 10 in. DOWNLOAD ONLY!

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Raggedy Ruth Designs? Patternettes are designed for those small, flexible projects. Use on tea towels, shirts, pillow cases . . . anything that appeals to your imagination! DOWNLOAD ONLY!

My sweetheart designed this patternette as a Valentine's Day project. However, you can make these any time you are hungry. They look so sweet and are very low calorie [especially if you try to eat them as they are not a new type of cotton candy]!

They look just like the sweetheart candies that we see every Valentines Day!

They are patternettes. Make them and put 'em on anything from quilt blocks to office windows [hint: do not try to applique onto glass].

These are applique pieces. The lettering is embroidery, which can be done by hand, embroidery machine, or regular sewing machine.

Have a sweet time with this one!