472087 - One Hour Tree Skirt - 54" - 56" Diameter Tree Skirt

SKU: RGR087 $9.00
This is a great 8 part tree skirt that can be constructed in an hour. In other words, quickly and easily. You can make any type of beautiful tree skirts all the way to making the button ties.

Part of the ease comes with the use of Marti Michelle?s Large Kaleido-Ruler, but you may have other rulers that, by themselves or in combination, can do the same thing.

First choose 2 Christmas fabrics or any two that can be highlighted as the appear together, such as the red and green do here. If there is a young one in the family, you may choose a Frozen fabric or a religious fabric, as may be appropriate.

This is something you can piece and machine quilt easily and use immediately!

Enjoy a blessed Christmas with your new ?One Hour Tree Skirt!?

Special Tools: Marti Michelle?s Large Kaleido-Ruler, preferred.

Country of Origin: USA

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