422133 - Peeper Sleeper - 4 1/4 in. x 8 1/4 in.

SKU: RGR133 $9.00
New from Raggedy Ruth Designs: The "Peeper Sleeper!"

Ideal for hibernating or sleeping when there are pesky lights! Shade your eyes and get a more relaxing sleep using this quilted sleep mask. A comfortable elastic band can be easily adjusted to any head size.

A Special "Blink Pillow" insert keeps the Peeper Sleeper away from your eyelids and lashes to allow normal, uninterrupted blinking and eye movement during sleep.

Ruth uses it every night. "Fat Quarter", our mascot, finds it helpful to hibernate 24/7 in our well lit quilt shop!

The Peeper Sleeper is available as an $8.00 retail pattern or a kit.