369187 All About Twisting! - 2 Twister Templates - 14 patterns:Twister Keeper, Table Toppers, Wall Hangings, Door Hangings, & Bed Sizes - Creating 32 Different Sized quilts

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Love Twisters? Want to get started "Twisting"? This is a great deal at 33% off list for 14 beautiful Twister patterns that produce 32 different sizes of quilts!

It also including the book with excellent instructions, as well as our two favorite twister templates: The Primitive Pinwheel Template and the Lil' Twister. Be a Twister Pro!

This group of patterns includes: Fly, Fly Away* [RGR147 in 3 sizes], Here Kitty, Kitty! [RGR158 in 3 sizes], Hospitality Sweet* [RGR148 in 2 sizes], I Love My Team [RGR174 with all the capital letters of the alphabet in 1 size], I Love USA [RGR152 in 1 size], Initially Baby* [RGR150 in 1 size], May Flowers With A Twist [RGR169 in 3 sizes], Pinwheel OSU [RGRP25 in 1 size], Team Spirit! [RGR146 which includes all the letters of the alphabet plus the word "of" in 3 sizes], Twisted Double Lone Star* RGR149 in 3 sizes], Twister Angel [RGR159 in 3 sizes], Twister Chasers: Taming the Twister [RGRB02], Wedding Ring Heart Twist* [RGR153 in 3 sizes], and Who Let the Dogs Out? [RGR157 in 3 sizes].
Please note that the five patterns marked with an asterisk {*} are included in the book, Twister Chasers. The other nine patterns are individual patterns.

At a 40% discount this is prices so that its a great bargain even if you have a few of the patterns already!

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