397160 - Summer Fun - Wall Hanging - 40" x 37 1/2" - DOWNLOAD ONLY

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This is the second in Ruth's "Seasonal Wall Hanging Series"!

It brings out favorite seasonal themes:

* Pick nicks

* Ice Cream

* Walking shoeless

* Camping

* Fishing

* Water fun

There's something that we can all identify with!

The finished quilt is 40" x 37 1/2", a match with "Autumn Harvest". It is done with piecing and applique.

This is a great stash-eater for the applique!

The applique is done so that it can be traced or printed on "Print & Fuse". Assembly is also shown so that an Applique Pressing Sheet can be used to assure great results.

Possible Companion Products: Print & Fuse, Applique Pressing Sheet