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The beauty of the heavens is brought to earth with this Raggedy Ruth creation! A celestial combination of the traditional and the modern, mixed with that good old-time patchwork “How did she do that?”


The twinkling double stars are encapsulated in vibrant, interlinking shimmering diamonds! The effect is incredible while the techniques are easy – what more could a quilter ask?

The interlinking diamonds are created from multi-colored and multi-hue log cabins. The multi-colors allow for the interlinking effect. The three hues for each color present the vibrant, shimmering impact.

The log cabin blocks take center stage as they interlink as diamonds across the quilt top. The preferred method of making the log cabins in this pattern is using the Creative Grids™ 6” Log Cabin Trim Tool™. This pattern applies the faster strip piecing construction method while taking full advantage of the ease and accuracy of the 6” Log Cabin Trim Tool™. Diagrams are also included for the traditional log cabin piecing method included so Trim Tool is not required, although it is highly recommended.

The double stars were created by Raggedy Ruth to present the twinkling effect. They shine large and bright in the center of the interlinked diamonds.

This is an easy quilt to gather fabric for. The quilt features three shades of four different colors. It lends itself well to the use of batiks, basics, or modern fabrics - where color says it all.

Put them together and you have heavenly eye-candy upon which you can feast!

Size: Twin 85” x 61”, Full 85” x 85”, Queen 109” x 85”, and King 109” x 109” bed sizes

Special Tools & Products: Optional – Creative Grids™ 6” Log Cabin Trim Tool™ (CGRJAWMN6)

Techniques: Log Cabins, strip piecing, snowballs, quarter square triangles, and corner square triangles. Two methods of assembling the log cabins are presented: The preferred Creative Grids™ 6” Log Cabin Trim Tool™ method combined with strip piecing, or the traditional method.

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