387170 - Starry Night - Bed sizes twin through king

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This is a pattern in "The Perfectly Frugal Series", so named because of the fabric savings that can be achieved. This pattern shows all corner triangles being made with both the new “Perfect Corner Ruler™" and the legacy “Sew & Flip” techniques. Either technique can be used, however, the Perfect Corner Ruler™’s provides superior results and saves from 1/2 yard to 1 yards depending upon which of the four bed sizes of the quilt you make.

Star Points are the main corner triangle used to achieve the look of this quilt: Star Points. All four bed size layouts are included and diagrammed. There are also detailed instructions on attaching borders.

If you are using the “Sew & Flip” technique, the Perfect Corner Ruler™ is not used. If you use the technique using the Perfect Corner Ruler™, the tool is required and you will achieve the fabric savings as well as getting excellent results with blocks containing sharp points and the straight lines that make this pattern a hit.

Techniques: Piecing, Corner Triangles

Special Tools: Optional [PCR001] Perfect Corner Tool – Not required if using the “Sew & Flip” technique.

Country of Origin: Designed, printed and made in the USA

Pages: 18

Size: Twin 85” x 68” * Full 85” x 85” * Queen 102” x 85” * King 102” x 102”

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