427132 - Ultimate Diaper Bag & Changing Mat -

SKU: RGR132 $9.00
This is an amazing bag! Finally, a bag that can carry everything that is needed! It has 10 amazing pockets! It has a matching Changing Mat!

[You might even be able to hide some fabric in there away from hubby!] In fact, some of the quilting professionals in the shop have noted that it is an excellent size for a sewing / quilting bag. It is big enough to carry mats, notions, and fabric.

It uses a new product, "Iron On Vinyl' to waterproof the changing pad. If you want, you can use the Iron On Vinyl to waterproof a pocket too, for those damp clothes!

Its size is 20" wide x 18" high x 6" deep.

The top is zippered.

Available as an $8.00 pattern.

Come by and take a look! You'll love it!