Rustic ReUse
by Martin the Handyman

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We love to bring new purpose to "old" items  We are located at Mill 77 at 22 Graf Rd. Newburyport Ma., Canal St Antiques at 181 Canal St. Lawerence Ma. and Hollies Place 61 Endicott St. Norwood Ma.

It's a great place see how these creations fit your life style. 

To purchase items in our on line store please call me at 617-510-1111 or e-mail at  We can talk about the item and delivery options.  Enjoy


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Farm Equipment Wall Hanger

Any type of Farm Equipment hung on the wall on any material.
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Vintage Broadcast Seeder

Vintage Broadcast Seeder

Just think of a time when farmers walked the fields with thgis machine. State of the art for its time vs. using hand seeding. Great pitina and mounted on bard board.
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