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Beech Tree Foilage Summer

SKU: 920-22 $23.99
Medium summer beech tone with fine leaf detail. Suitable for small scales. 3 sheets per package measuring approximately 3½" x 5¾". 'Horsetail' Foliage produces incredibly thick weeds, climbing vines and delicate tree canopy. Unsurpasssed in scale modeling. 'Horsetail' is available in seasonal colors and textures. 'Leaf' Horsetail foliage has tiny scale leaves on horsetail back. When clustered loosely indicates tall bushes and thick surface growth. Horsetail Foliage has a slightly stiff body so that it will stand upright when creating tall wild and unruly weeds. Cut desirable strips with tweezers, gather and pinch the center folding in half. Glue into position.
Category:Scenic Express