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Coupons allow you to provide a discount coupon to your prospects that will give them either a dollar or percentage discount off their purchase. When creating a new coupon, you choose a coupon code to represent that discount. Your contacts can then enter that coupon code directly onto the shopping cart page to access the specified discount.  


The Coupons page is split into two sections. Located at the top of the page is the search bar. The search bar contains Search by Keyword, Display by Availability and Display by Discount Type. Click the Show/Hide button to expand the search bar to show Display by Availability and Display by Discount Type.  


Search by Keyword: allows you to search for a specific coupon name by entering a word or series of characters into this field.

Display by Availability: allows you to search for a coupon based on when it was/is available. Choose the Start date and End date by clicking on the small calendar icon beside each field and selecting your desired date.

Display by Discount Type: allows you to search for coupons by the type of discount they offer. The searchable options include:

Next you will find two buttons:

Below the button options your previously created coupons are displayed. You can organize your coupon list based on any of the columns of information by clicking on the column header; clicking on the header multiple times allows you to sort the values in ascending or descending order. Coupon information columns include:  

Below the coupon table you will find several links allowing you to export your search results in several formats (XLS, CSV and TSV) To export your coupon search results simply click on your preferred export format and you will be prompted to save your exported file to your local hard drive.


Note: There are two different types of discounts (product based and order based) and taxes are handled differently. Order based coupons are applied after taxes while product based coupons are applied before. Please note that category discounts are the same as product based.


The end total is correct in either scenario. The follow assumes a $100.00 product is purchased, taxed at 10% with a 50% discount.


Product Based

Product Total: $100.00

Discount: $50.00

Sub Total: $50.00

Taxes: $5.00

Grand Total: $55.00

Order Based

Product Total: $100.00

Taxes: $10.00

Sub Total: $110.00

Discounts: $55.00

Grand Total: $55.00

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