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02) 10” WonderFunnel Farm and Ag. Large Funnel Set With Hose

SKU: 798304223101 $19.95
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  1. Secure Lid™ – Secure Lid screws The Wonderfunnel to the container being poured into, providing a solid, no-wobble connection to the container. Eliminates the need to hold the funnel in place with your hands.
  2. Hose attachment – screw on provided 5/8″ x 26″ clear hose for hard to reach places. This hose may be cut to shorter length if desired. Funnel’s threaded bottom accepts any garden hose of any diameter or length. Optional hoses for special applications sold separately. You can “recycle” old or leaking garden hoses at home by cutting off female end to any length you desire.
  3. Barrel Adapter – screwing this adapter onto the funnel bottom converts it from 3/4″ garden hose threads to 3/4″ pipe threads. You may now
    screw the funnel solidly into any container with 3/4″ pipe threads. This provides for a stable, no wobble, attachment to top of container being poured
    in to. Many 5 gallon buckets and practically all plastic and metal barrels from 16 gallon to 55 gallon have this pipe thread opening. Once in place, leaves both hands free ( no need to hold funnel) for holding and pouring of container liquid is being poured out of.
  4. Regular funnel tip –for use as a regular funnel. With its longer tip design this funnel won't dislodge as easily as most large funnels on the market currently.

Kit Includes: 10″ WonderFunnel™ with Removable Tip, 28″ hose (5/8″), Removable Screen Washer, Barrel Adapter, SecureLid Pattern Lid (63mm Lid)

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