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Open Audition Registration Fee

Open Audition Registration Fee

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Hi, You’re probably wondering why should you participate in this competition and why should I spend $50.00 dollars of your money to compete. First off let me tell you that when I came up with this project I said to myself there is no way I would pay anything to compete in an MC competition. So then I started to make a list of things that would convince me to do so.

Will I get my money’s worth?
Yes just in registering you are automatically entered into a weekly drawing winning prizes from our sponsors.
Your name and photo will be on posters generated to promoted the competition.
The webiste will be a conduit to interacting with other contestants in other cities.
You will be able to increase your fan base just by being listed.
You will be brought back for the finals.
The experience will help your career.
Our clothing sponsor will randomly pick registrants and dress them based on their preference not because your winning.
You will get discounted prices on al the item from our sponsors.
How will this help my career?
The rules and regulation are basic components of what an artist should have and be prepared for.
What you don’t have already set up for your career we will guide you to acquire
This is not a battle this is competition so you can better your skills
There will be season MC that will be attached to this competition to help our registrants.
Why do we have to pay $50.00?
Regardless of what anyone may think we need to cover our cost and make sure the people attached to this competition are compensated for their work.
We want to make sure all the promotional tools are available to every city.
Your payment will help ensure the stablity of this competition we do not want to relay on sponsors only.
The first thing to learn is that you will have to invest in yourself if you want to make it. This is your first investment, it lets us know that you are serious.