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All Breeds Of Dogs are special and require different grooming techniques and special requests.

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Waggey Land is proud to announce that Modern Dog Boston is a new friend of Waggey Land, they will be providing all grooming services to all of Waggey Land members, at very responsible prices. Modern Dog Boston owner, Charles has been a life long Dorchester resident and has a love and passion for pooches just like us at Waggey Land. When a Waggey Land member needs a bath or grooming just let us know and we will coordinate the details with Modern Dog Boston. If your pooch is at Waggey Land for playcare or a doggy overnight visit, we can have them groomed for you, so when we drop the pooch off they will be looking great. Modern Dog Boston has been in business for 7 years, they offer do it your self wash stations if you are ever in the need for a quick wash and dry! Charles the owner and staff are amazing and will help with the process. Waggey Land could not be more pleased to call Modern Dog of Boston friends of Waggey Land, visit their website for all the cool stuff they sell and services www.moderndogboston.com.