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Life happens! If you have an emergency or special request,
give Waggey Land a call. We're available 24/7!

Here at Waggey Land, it's not about restrictions on time, it's about
how happy your dog is and what makes your life easy!

 Details will be discussed during our puppy assessment.

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Doggy Play Care


We will pick up your pooch in our custom Waggey Mobile, and deliver them to Waggey Land, where they will spend an entire day playing, resting, going for walks, eating (when applicable), and enjoying Waggey Land's outdoor space. With Waggey Land it's not just about staying in the day care. We don't even call it daycare, we call it play care! We take pups to parks, the beach, and on other special field trips. We will also drop them off nice and tired, after a full day of play.