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Acid Yellow 7 Latent Print Fluorescent Stain

SKU: CHE-1520 $40.25
Acid Yellow 7 is one of the newer and more effective stains for the enhancement of bloody fingerprints or footwear impressions. Staining reveals a yellowish-colored print. It is for use on non-porous surfaces. Acid Yellow 7 should never be used on paper, bed sheets, upholstery, or any other absorbent surfaces.

Before using Acid Yellow 7, the prints or footwear impressions must be set to prevent loss of detail. There are two different methods to use Acid Yellow 7. First, a user may submerge the item into an appropriate container of the solution. Alternately, the solution could be placed into a bottle and sprayed onto the item. After applying the Acid Yellow 7, the item should be rinsed with our Acid Yellow 7 Fluorescent Stain Rinse/Destain.

The print must be lifted at this point with an appropriate sized Rubber/Gelatin lifter. We suggest our White Rubber/Gelatin Hinged Latent Print Lifters (see Recommended Products, right). To view the lifted print, use a blue-green (400 - 490 nm) forensic light source in a dark room. At this point, the print should be photographed.

Note: Though not usual, our dyes and stains, depending on the quantity ordered, may require an additional hazardous shipping charge be added. We will contact you if this is the case.

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